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Friday, 22 April 2022 15:24

Geomertic quilting

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Good morning! I quilted this top quite recently.

quilt Anny2

quilt Anny3

I used HQ Moxie and ruler from Silesian Quilt

Good morning! I quilted this top quite recently. Top sewn in beautiful beige with red accents, as you can see in the pictures. The top is very geometric in form, so I decided that the quilting must be in line with the intentions of the patchwork author. In truth, the first concept was a bit different, but when I put the top on the frame, I decided to change the original idea. And this, in my opinion, was the right decision. Quilting nicely emphasizes the geometry of the patchwork top and at the same time separates the sections of squares that were to play the first fiddle. For the quilt, or rather a picture on the wall (because that is the destiny of this work), a table runner was also created as a supplement. I think that these two works complement each other very well and give the room a special look.

quilt Anny1

quilt Anny4

quit Anny5

quilt Anny7

Below, the backings of these two works. In the wall patchwork, the fabric was quite light and the nice quilting is clearly visible on it (it is compatible with the thread). However, on patchwork, which is a table runner, the bottom is made of black fabric. As you can see in some places the thread color can be seen more clearly. This is due to quilting in the same line several times. Therefore, in order for the quilt or other patchwork items to be two-sided aesthetic, it is better to use a fabric for backing in a similar color to the thread we use for quilting, because the quilting pattern often requires multiple stitches on the same „path”.

quilt Anny8

quilt Anny9

quilt Anny10

That’s it for today. I wish you a nice weekend – Margaret

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