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Friday, 01 April 2022 08:44

Easter is coming

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When you can’t sleep at night … it’s good that you can make a handicraft 



When you can’t sleep at night … it’s good that you can make a handicraft  And so, after another very long „evening”, I finally decided to sew something. I remembered that apart from the „running” bunny (LINK), I also have a template of a cute bunny sitting and thinking like „stealing” a carrot. This template looks like you can see below and you can buy it HERE

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A few years ago, I used this shape to decorate little Easter candy bags for my kids


And I think last year or 2 years ago I sewed a pillow with this bunny too. I created a nice color composition but … you know – Tusia, the Master of the First Plan, more important than my photos: P


In the end, I managed to persuade her to go to her seat from which she watches over me when I sit in my favorite corner.


Well, it started snowing yesterday and it’s still snowing. Below, a lump of melting snow on the developing leaves of a bush peony and snowflakes on forsythia …




Well, the night was too short to finish the second mug rug, so I used the top as a temporary picture. Turns out, it looks good too .. Have a nice weekend <3, Margaret

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